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ANWB helpt Piet A. Choras bevrijden tijdens de Escape Room Hackathon 2018!

De jaarlijkse hackathon van The Analytics Lab en Cmotions is gewonnen door de ANWB. Voor de derde editie van dit evenement werd de Atoomclub in Utrecht omgedoopt tot een ware escaperoom.Tijdens deze escaperoom hackathon draaide het om het bevrijden van Piet A. Choras, die vast zit vanwege overfitting in ‘Penitentiaire inrichting (inderdaad, Pi) De Atoomclub’. […]

We crunch(ed) Artificial Intelligence Meetup – part two

For our second Meetup about putting Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to practice, we were very happy to welcome Gerard Verbeek and Erwin Konink from Luminis and Matthijs van der Kroon from Primed.IO.Together they entertained the forty-man audience with their interesting stories. Gerard and Erwin told us how they simulated a training environment for their self-driving cars. […]

“We crunch(ed) Artificial Intelligence” Meetup

On December 13 we had our very first The Analytics Lab Meetup at our Headquarters in Amersfoort. Despite the traffic jams around Amersfoort and a broken train that blocked the track between Utrecht and Amersfoort we could welcome around thirty people on this cold Wednesday. Unfortunately one of our expected speakers, Thomas Stalman from welkrestaurant.nl […]

Our Advanced Data Sampler Beta version is live!

Great news! Our Advanced Data Sampler is live! Why great? Well, did you ever find yourself preparing for teaching a course by spending hours on Kaggle (or other websites) to get the right dataset. Which contained data that fitted the business sector of your students as well as the subject of your course and had […]

Does your coffee machine know who you are? Ours does!

When we tell  our friends or family we were adding face recognition to a coffee machine, often the first question was ‘Why?’. A valid question, which is actually quite easy to answer: because we want to know whether we can, it’s fun and it’s another, just not your ordinary, reason to drink some beers on […]

Model in één middag in de praktijk

Ken je dat? Dat je eigenlijk gewoon eens wilt weten of de data die je hebt, geschikt is voor het voorspellen van bepaald gedrag van je klanten? Maar dat je geen tools tot je beschikking hebt en ook niet zo goed weet waar te beginnen… Een klant van ons constateerde dat er omzet potentie bleef […]