We crunch(ed) Artificial Intelligence: The story continues

After almost seven months, we finally came back with a brand new Meetup! On the 15th of May we came together at our headquarters in Amersfoort. Although there were probably many who stayed home that night to watch football, still thirty people were joining our Meetup. Good choice because we had a really interesting evening!

Jeanine Schoonemann started the evening and introduced us to virtual assistant Willy. Willy can schedule a meeting, summarize a meeting and email all participants, order sandwiches, send a request to our own coffee machine and last but not least, throw a little party! How is this all possible? With LegoBoost, Raspberry Pi and some help of  Willy’s friends like Gmail, Telegram, Google Cloud speech API and Python. Jeanine gave us a look inside Willy’s brains by showing us what happens when you send a voice message to Willy on Telegram. Believe it or not, at the end of the presentation we could even watch Willy’s great dance moves!

Our second speaker was Wayne Tuck from Pegamento, who learned us a lot about their A.I. solution for Mail Automation in his own humoristic way. Wayne was able to give many practical examples, because Pegamento has many well-known companies as customers which made his story even more interesting. It all starts with cleaning, analyzing and training the current emails with an A.I. model based on customer input. Afterwards templates are created which can be used to answer emails both manually and automatically. Wayne showed us right away what happens when you email a question like “ I was drunk on Kingsday and lost all my stuff. On top of that I also missed my train” and many other examples. Of course this made the attendants curious about how this all works, what kind of access rights are needed and how many mails you need to make this all work. Luckily Wayne took enough time to answer all the questions and everybody stayed for a drink afterwards, so there was plenty of time to discuss all the nice topics of this evening!

We want to thank the audience for their attention and enthusiasm and of course Jeanine, Wayne and Willy, thanks for your time, knowledge and nice presentations!


Willybot logo

Willybot The Movie – The Virtual Assistant that makes (y)our meeting fun again

* read in typical tell-sell voice *

Are you tired of long and dull meetings? Are your notes always lost? Do you have those awkward silences at the beginning of meetings, when everybody looks at each other who’s going to take notes? Those days are over!

We introduce you to Willy, created by seven Data Scientists at Cmotions with the latest state-of-the-art algorithms, this virtual assistant is here for you! Based on its patented algorithms, Willy can schedule your meetings AND take notes during the meetings. The notes are emailed to all the attendants, this means NO more cramps in your fingers, NO more forgetting to take notes and NO more losing your notes.


Does the meeting suck all the oxygen out of the room and the energy out of your body? Are you in desperate need of some coffee, espresso or cappuccino? Or rather have something to eat? Willy can order both! Willy can send your order to the coffee machine or order some sandwiches at your local lunchroom.

Is that all Willy can do? Of course not, with Partymode your Friday afternoon automatically turns into a festive blowout.

Warning: If your Willy shows a tendency towards world domination, please immediately unplug!

All kidding aside, the Willybot was an awesome project to work on. A project which emerged because we wanted to learn more about speech recognition and text analytics. A project of which we are quite proud, all features shown in the video actually work. Ask Willy to schedule a meeting and he’ll look through all participants agenda’s and find the first available time slot. Ask Willy to take notes and he’ll send a summary of the transcribed speech, together with a to do list, to all participants present. Willy is also connected to our coffee machine, kindly ask for an espresso and that’s what you’ll get. Hungry? Just tell your order to Willy and he’ll contact your local lunchroom and places an order.

Curious how we did this? Get in contact and we’ll tell you everything during a cup of coffee, which Willy ordered!