I wrote an article recently describing how to implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) for your Azure Synapse based data platform. At the end of part one we setup the infrastructure required for CI/CD, and we did our first parameterized deployment from our development environment to the production environment. In part two we are […]

At 21 april 2023, we held an epic hackathon where 10 teams from KPN, Rabobank, DPG, Athora, ANWB, UWV, Lifetri, and Eneco joined forces to rescue our beloved Princess Peach from the claws of Bowser. It was a fierce battle, but in the end, only one team emerged victorious. And who was that, you may […]

At Cmotions we’ve always had a lot of discussion amongst colleagues whether or not to balance our datasets when building a predictive model. Everyone has their own personal preference and way of working, but which approach is “the best”? We simply didn’t know until we stumbled upon this paper written by Jacques Wainer and Rodrigo […]

This guide includes code snippets which you can use yourself. Credits to my colleagues at Delegate who have contributed a lot to this domain. If you would like to check out more extensive CI/CD code or contribute yourself check out: https://github.com/atc-net/atc-snippets/tree/main/azure-cli/synapse/Publish. You have setup your synapse workspace and are busy developing your data platform, there […]

At the moment of writing this, it has been a long-lasting desire for Gitlab users to be able to see all members to any project within a group at a single glance or press of a button. It was also something I was looking for myself, since we use Gitlab as a company and therefore […]

At Cmotions we love to learn from each other and that is why we regularly collaborate on internal projects, in which we can express our creativity, curiosity and eagerness to learn. In this article we want to share what we did in the ‘Snake’ project, where we learned the computer to play snake using Reinforcement […]