Op woensdag 16 oktober aanstaande is het weer tijd voor onze Meetup, deze keer is het onderwerp A.I. en Media. We starten met Jurriaan Nagelkerke (Cmotions) en Margot Rozendaal (DPG Media). Zij zullen ons meenemen in de ins en outs van Topic Modeling. Hoe pak je dit aan, welke data gebruik je hiervoor, welke technieken […]

As a data analyst you want to provide clear cut insights for your end users, enabling them to extract all the business value provided by your solution. If your end user is data and analytical savvy then explaining results might be a piece of cake. Unfortunately not all stakeholders are able to fully grab the […]

After almost seven months, we finally came back with a brand new Meetup! On the 15th of May we came together at our headquarters in Amersfoort. Although there were probably many who stayed home that night to watch football, still thirty people were joining our Meetup. Good choice because we had a really interesting evening! Jeanine Schoonemann started […]

Op het prachtige Slot Zuylen is de Cluedo hackathon, georganiseerd door Cmotions en The Analytics Lab, gewonnen door het team van DELA. In een spannende strijd om het voorspellen van de omstandigheden waaronder Dr. Blackbox om het leven is gebracht, bleven zij XS4ALL (tweede plaats) nipt voor. Tijdens de Cluedo hackathon moesten de tien deelnemende teams door middel van […]

Yes, it’s the most Easterful time of the year again. For some of us a sacred time, for others mainly an egg-eating period and some just enjoy the extra day of spare time. In case you have some time available for some good egg searching business, but no-one seems willing to hide them for you this year, […]

Op vrijdag 12 april vindt de vierde editie van de The Analytics Lab Hackathon plaats. Het thema is dit jaar ‘Cluedo’. Op het prachtige Slot Zuylen in Utrecht gaan tien teams de strijd met elkaar aan om de moordenaar, het moordwapen, de moordlocatie én het tijdstip te voorspellen van de lafhartige moord op Dr. Blackbox. Vanzelfsprekend wordt […]

Real nerds on Valentines day graph hearts instead of drawing them. My drawing skills are not what I like them to be, my R skills are though! Therefore, let’s draw a heart in R instead on paper! Inspired by: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/HeartCurve.html

* read in typical tell-sell voice * Are you tired of long and dull meetings? Are your notes always lost? Do you have those awkward silences at the beginning of meetings, when everybody looks at each other who’s going to take notes? Those days are over! We introduce you to Willy, created by seven Data […]

In our previous post, we explained what happened when you put six data scientists in an apartment in Luik for the weekend. You’ll end up with a Virtual Assistant, which we named, Willy (we know the name doesn’t translate that well to English). Willy is able to understand us when we ask to schedule a […]