* read in typical tell-sell voice * Are you tired of long and dull meetings? Are your notes always lost? Do you have those awkward silences at the beginning of meetings, when everybody looks at each other who’s going to take notes? Those days are over! We introduce you to Willy, created by seven Data […]

In our previous post, we explained what happened when you put six data scientists in an apartment in Luik for the weekend. You’ll end up with a Virtual Assistant, which we named, Willy (we know the name doesn’t translate that well to English). Willy is able to understand us when we ask to schedule a […]

What do you get when you put six data scientists and a crate of beer in an apartment in Luik for the weekend? …a virtual voice assistant off course! We have something we call Project Friday. Every now and then we lock ourselves in a room for the friday afternoon, or for the whole weekend […]

For our third Meetup about putting Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to practice, we were very happy to welcome Thomas Stalman and Peter van Lith. They had two quite different, but very interesting stories. And despite the beautiful weather and the national strike at the regional public transport, they had a full room of people to share […]

As Data Scientists, we often train complex algorithms in order to tackle certain business problems and generate value. These algorithms, however, can take a while to train. Sometimes they take a couple of hours, hours which I’m not going to spend just sitting and waiting. But regularly checking whether the training is done, is also […]

“Could you create a handsign recognition model which we can use to teach High School students a bit more about A.I. in a fun way?”This is the question a few colleagues asked a couple of weeks ago, and ofcourse, the only real response here could be YES! I was immediately enthusiastic and started working on […]

A little while ago we started with our second Project Friday; once a month (or so) we’ll lock some colleagues in a room with a couple of beers and a fun project. This project: give a drone a brain and an eye, so we can call itand make it do stuff for us. Why do we […]

Ik, de wiskundige Piet A. Choras, zat tot voor kort onterecht vast voor overfitting en was mijn ontsnapping aan het plannen, ik kwam er iteratief achter dat ik het niet alleen kon en heb hulp ingeschakeld. Teams van analisten hadden een middag de tijd om mij te helpen te ontsnappen uit de Penitentiaire Inrichting (π) door (data) […]

De jaarlijkse hackathon van The Analytics Lab en Cmotions is gewonnen door de ANWB. Voor de derde editie van dit evenement werd de Atoomclub in Utrecht omgedoopt tot een ware escaperoom.Tijdens deze escaperoom hackathon draaide het om het bevrijden van Piet A. Choras, die vast zit vanwege overfitting in ‘Penitentiaire inrichting (inderdaad, Pi) De Atoomclub’. […]