When we tell  our friends or family we were adding face recognition to a coffee machine, often the first question was ‘Why?’. A valid question, which is actually quite easy to answer: because we want to know whether we can, it’s fun and it’s another, just not your ordinary, reason to drink some beers on […]

You know those Philips Hue lights, which are amazing and really cool gadgets for your house? Well, thanks to Philips it is also easy to create your very own DIY remote control for them. Yes, of course you can get a remote for these lights in the shop as well, but why would you if […]

Everybody has those mornings when your mood is not as wonderful as always and your energy levels seem to be lagging, especially before you had your coffee. Those mornings when you just want to flip the finger to everything and everyone and tell the world to fuck off. When “working” on our A.I. coffee machine, […]

Ken je dat? Dat je eigenlijk gewoon eens wilt weten of de data die je hebt, geschikt is voor het voorspellen van bepaald gedrag van je klanten? Maar dat je geen tools tot je beschikking hebt en ook niet zo goed weet waar te beginnen… Een klant van ons constateerde dat er omzet potentie bleef […]

Last Friday the third afternoon of Project Friday took place. In Project Friday we spent about once a month  an afternoon on something completely useless. Why do we do this? Because we can, it’s fun and interesting and it’s a good reason to grab a couple of beers. This Project Friday is all about mixing […]

A month ago we started with ‘Project Friday’; once a month we’ll lock some colleagues in a room with a couple of beers and a fun project. This project: give a coffeemachine a brain and an eye, so it can see who’s standing in front of the machine and knows what he/she wants. Why do we […]

This Monday was the last day of the R Experience course at the University of Groningen. Since this year Marketing (Intelligence) students are required to use R for assignments, where they’ve only worked with SPSS before. To kickstart their learning curve in R, we lectured the R Experience, in cooperation with the MARUG (Marketing Association […]

Op vrijdag 10 maart jl. heeft de tweede “The Analytics Lab Hackathon” plaatsgevonden, de opdracht was dit keer om de zetelverdeling te voorspellen van de Tweede Kamer na de verkiezingen van 15 maart. Dankzij de serieuze, sportieve en ook humoristische inzet van onze deelnemende teams is het weer een zeer leuke dag geweest, waarbij iedereen […]

This Friday we started with our first ‘Project Friday’. About once a month, on a Friday, we’ll lock ourselves away for the afternoon with a couple of beers and a fun project. The project doesn’t need to bring money to table, it needs to bring fun, challenges, knowledge and inspiration to the table. Our first […]