a fun analytical afternoon with your colleagues

During the hackathon you and your teammates are challenged to solve different type of analytical games. All of the games are different, so everybody can use their own specialty and learn from others. The games all fit into the theme and solving them will help you move forward in reaching you goal. What goal this is, depends on the theme of the Hackathon, we have multiple!

  • Escape Room: help to free the unlawfully imprisoned mathematician Piet A. Choras;
  • Cluedo: just like the classic board game you have to solve who committed the murder, which weapon was used, and where and when this happened;
  • Nachos: smuggle as much avocados/nachos/jalapeno peppers as you can and get rich!

Watch the videos of our hackathons!

team- or community building

  • Have fun with your colleagues;
  • Get to know them (better);
  • Learn from each others skills;
  • Oh and did we mention, having fun yet.



everybody who loves to work with data

  • data analysts;
  • data scientists;
  • data engineers;
  • BI specialists;

Check out the videos of our hackathons

Cluedo Hackathon

Wanna play? We’ve created our own data analytics Cluedo game.

Escape Room Hackathon

Like Escape Rooms? Then you will definitely love our data analytics styled one!

“Tweede Kamer” Elections Hackathon

Would you be able to predict the distribution of votes among the political parties in The Netherlands? Well, our contestants tried (and managed to do so very well).

Football Hackathon

Want to get rich by betting on some football matches? Use data, like our contestants did!

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