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It’s time for edition two of our ‘We crunch(ed) Artificial Intelligence’ Meetup!

We’re very happy to announce that our first speakers will be Gerard Verbeek & Erwin Konink of Luminis. They’ll show us their experience on training robots to move around and pass obstacles in a room. We’ll get the ins and outs of their unique way of training: in a simulated environment, in a population of other robots.

And also our second speaker, Matthijs van der Kroon of Primed.IO, has a very interesting story. He’ll tell us more about how you can easily get from your (data science) model to the product you need to deliver the results back to the business and/or the customer facing frontends.

It’s going to be an exciting Meetup. We’re happy to welcome you with a free dinner :)
Get to know our enthousiastic team of young analysts and data scientists, and learn exciting stuff about Artificial Intelligence. RSVP to our Meetup! Looking forward to meet you :)

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Jeanine Schoonemann