In our lab, we collaborate with professional and enthusiastic Data Scientists. Eager and ambitious professionals who use our cloud-based environment with innovative tooling for all kinds of data-driven experiments

Our goal is to help you experiment with A.I., to build a solid business case and convince others of the usability of your idea for the greater good

Do you have an awesome idea you can’t wait to test? Or did you just start your own company? We are here to help or accelerate with data analytics and data science

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As part of Cmotions, The Analytics Lab can build upon years of experience and the knowledge of multiple professionals in the data field.
This gives us a strong knowledge base, a lot of enthusiasm and the most critical audience there is: consultants! 

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Dexter van der Swaluw


Jeanine Schoonemann

Principal Consultant & Data Scientist


Jeanine Schoonemann
Queen of The Analytics Lab, loves every aspect of Data Science
Wouter van Gils
Our very own Jack-of-all-trades never let’s us down
Jurriaan Nagelkerke
Is there anything this man is not good at?
Anne-Wil IJzelenberg
Interested in attending or speaking at our Meetups? She is your woman
Erik van Nistelrooij
You better make it look good
Yvette van Breukelen
Want to learn new skills, she is the one you’re looking for
Siri de Ruiter
Making the difficult feel easy, that’s what she does
Ernst Bolle
This bookworm loves to translate theory into practice
Anya Tonne
Next to all other languages she masters, she also masters the language of statistics
Hugo Bons
Statistics have no secrets for this man
Terri Seuntjens
This social scientist is not only social on paper
Thijs van der Velden
Gotta get some data engineering done, this is your man
Mike te Beest
He solves your data issues as fast as he is on two wheels


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3981 AJ Bunnik

+31 (0)33 258 28 30


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