Experience R


from zero to hero in R and RStudio in three days (or less)

During this course, we introduce you to R and RStudio. Within three days you will feel confident in preparing your own data and building your model(s) in R. At the end of this course you will have:

  • thorough knowledge on how to work with R
  • the confidence to prepare your data and build your model(s) in R
  • classification script which will provide a kickstart in using R at your own workplace

The classification script will give you the opportunity to build a model, quick and dirty, within one afternoon!The Experience R Course consists of the following modules, but the number of modules you will follow can be adapted to your specific needs:

introduction in R

– what is R
– what is RStudio
– working with R

loading data

– importing packages
– vectors
– dataframes

manipulating data

– derived variables
– computations
– transformations

data preparation

– missings
– outliers
– near zero variance


– predictive models
– evaluating
– model scores

putting it all together

– data prepration
– modeling
– actionable outcome

become more innovative, efficient and effective

Expand the analysis capabilities of your organization. After this course, you will be able to apply both established and innovative techniques to make your organization work smarter, more efficient and better.



for data analysts and data scientists who want to have a kickstart in R

This course is very relevant and interesting for people who have experience in preparing data and building predictive models, but who feel they are limited by the software they currently use. We will introduce you to the flexible open-source program R, which has state-of-the-art techniques available before you even know you want to use them. Thanks to the extensive community around it, R not only evolves rapidly, but every question you have will be answered faster than you can imagine.

The only thing you need to start this course is knowledge of preparing data and building predictive models, we will add some R to this mix and within three days the world is at your feet.