What do I do with my emotions?
emotion detection with Python

If you would like to read more about Emotion Detection, please have a look at our article ‘What do I do with my emotions?‘. If you are in general interested in NLP tasks then you are in the right place! Take a look at our series Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning Intuition

Let’s say you are an ambitious data analyst and want to further expand your skillset. You have already applied numerous complex algorithms but you want more in-depth knowledge of their inner workings. For starters, you decide to dive into the details of the mother of all algorithms: linear regression. A colleague of yours tipped The Elements of Statistical Learning as a great resource, and now you are facing the following formula:

DeepFaking myself in the office

In the last couple of years, my Data Science attention went mostly towards text (NLP / NLU), but that does not prevent me from playing around with video. Inspired by Trump’s response to his Corona approach and Jim Carrey vs Allison Brie, see my first attempt at playing with DeepLearning for video and DeepFakes. While […]

Meetup A.I. en Media, 16 oktober in Amsterdam

Op woensdag 16 oktober aanstaande is het weer tijd voor onze Meetup, deze keer is het onderwerp A.I. en Media. We starten met Jurriaan Nagelkerke (Cmotions) en Margot Rozendaal (DPG Media). Zij zullen ons meenemen in de ins en outs van Topic Modeling. Hoe pak je dit aan, welke data gebruik je hiervoor, welke technieken […]

We crunch(ed) Artificial Intelligence: The story continues

After almost seven months, we finally came back with a brand new Meetup! On the 15th of May we came together at our headquarters in Amersfoort. Although there were probably many who stayed home that night to watch football, still thirty people were joining our Meetup. Good choice because we had a really interesting evening! Jeanine Schoonemann started […]

Willybot The Movie – The Virtual Assistant that makes (y)our meeting fun again

* read in typical tell-sell voice * Are you tired of long and dull meetings? Are your notes always lost? Do you have those awkward silences at the beginning of meetings, when everybody looks at each other who’s going to take notes? Those days are over! We introduce you to Willy, created by seven Data […]

We crunch(ed) Artificial Intelligence Meetup – part three

For our third Meetup about putting Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to practice, we were very happy to welcome Thomas Stalman and Peter van Lith. They had two quite different, but very interesting stories. And despite the beautiful weather and the national strike at the regional public transport, they had a full room of people to share […]

Education for the Next Generation: a Handsign recognition project in Python

“Could you create a handsign recognition model which we can use to teach High School students a bit more about A.I. in a fun way?”This is the question a few colleagues asked a couple of weeks ago, and ofcourse, the only real response here could be YES! I was immediately enthusiastic and started working on […]

We crunch(ed) Artificial Intelligence Meetup – part two

For our second Meetup about putting Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to practice, we were very happy to welcome Gerard Verbeek and Erwin Konink from Luminis and Matthijs van der Kroon from Primed.IO.Together they entertained the forty-man audience with their interesting stories. Gerard and Erwin told us how they simulated a training environment for their self-driving cars. They use a genetic algorithm to train an entire […]