Opening the Black Box of Machine Learning Models SHAP vs LIME for model explanation
Our package is live! Meet tortoise, your starting point for building Machine Learning models in Python

Starting to build machine learning models using Python can surely be overwhelming due to the endless possibilities that this open source tool offers. Therefore, we built a Python package that guides (junior) data analysts and scientists through all the steps involved in building machine learning models with easy to use functions.

Machine Learning Intuition

Let’s say you are an ambitious data analyst and want to further expand your skillset. You have already applied numerous complex algorithms but you want more in-depth knowledge of their inner workings. For starters, you decide to dive into the details of the mother of all algorithms: linear regression. A colleague of yours tipped The Elements of Statistical Learning as a great resource, and now you are facing the following formula:

Willybot The Movie – The Virtual Assistant that makes (y)our meeting fun again

* read in typical tell-sell voice * Are you tired of long and dull meetings? Are your notes always lost? Do you have those awkward silences at the beginning of meetings, when everybody looks at each other who’s going to take notes? Those days are over! We introduce you to Willy, created by seven Data […]

Project Friday 1.1: Artificial Intelligence meets coffee

This Friday we started with our first ‘Project Friday’. About once a month, on a Friday, we’ll lock ourselves away for the afternoon with a couple of beers and a fun project. The project doesn’t need to bring money to table, it needs to bring fun, challenges, knowledge and inspiration to the table. Our first […]