We are quite often working on very cool and fun projects and we also organize challenging hackathons for data analysts. We hope to entertain and inspire you with these videos of our projects. Enjoy!

Do you have an idea for another fun project you want to share with us, or got a suggestion related to one of our existing projects? Please let us know!


The WillyBot

Watch our very own TellSell-like video about the Virual Assistant, WillyBot, we’ve build ourselves. He’s not only very good at making notes, but he also has some very smooth moves.

Hand Sign Recognition

Join us at a High School in Nijmegen, where we challenged some students to teach the computer their own hand sign alphabet and compete against each other to see who created the “best” hand signs.

Coffee & A.I.

Check out our coffee machine with face recognition. Why press a button if you don’t need to!

Self Driving Car

Watch our self-driving car finding its way on our “highway”. Don’t get in if you are an impatient driver, it isn’t exactly speeding yet as you will see.


Cluedo Hackathon

Wanna play? We’ve created our own data analytics Cluedo game.

Escape Room Hackathon

Like Escape Rooms? Then you will definitely love our data analytics styled one!

“Tweede Kamer” Elections Hackathon

Would you be able to predict the distribution of votes among the political parties in The Netherlands? Well, our contestants tried (and managed to do so very well).

Football Hackathon

Want to get rich by betting on some football matches? Use data, like our contestants did!

Other Fun Stuff

Project Friday: Self Driving Cars

We let a group of very enthusiastic data-lovers at Achmea play around with our Self Driving Cars and held a competition at the end of the day. A day filled with fun, learning and inspiration, watch the video to get a sense of the fun we had during this Project Friday!

Meetup: we crunch(ed) A.I.

Want to be inspired? Come and visit one of our Meetups! We’ll keep you posted on our previous and coming Meetups through our Meetup page and our website.

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