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For our second Meetup about putting Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to practice, we were very happy to welcome Gerard Verbeek and Erwin Konink from Luminis and Matthijs van der Kroon from Primed.IO.Together they entertained the forty-man audience with their interesting stories.

Gerard and Erwin told us how they simulated a training environment for their self-driving cars. They use a genetic algorithm to train an entire population of vehicles, it was really fascinating to hear their story on how this works. We also got to see the end result when they let two of their cars drive around during the presentation. It was amazing to see these little vehicles driving around and avoiding all obstacles in the room using sonar.

DSC03774 DSC03784

After that Matthijs kept our attention with his story about primed.io, which is a platform that helps to easily put data science solutions into practice. He showed us how this platform is used at RTL Nederland. It was really nice to see how IT, data science and human knowledge and intelligence all come together in this platform.


All in all we really enjoyed the evening and we want to thank our speakers, but also our audience! It was so great to see you all coming (again for some of you) to our headquarters in Amersfoort. Thank you for your attention and questions and we hope to see you at our next Meetup, which will be on Wednesday 27 June 2018. Please sign yourself up for our The Analytics Lab Meetup group, to make sure you will stay informed about our Meetups!

We definitely hope to see you there!

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Jeanine Schoonemann